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Terms & Conditions

Booking a Trip



A deposit to be made in advance is indispensable for the reservation process. The balance must be paid before arrival, depending on the trip option.

Tours from 3 to 7 Days
Deposit for reservations: US $ 200.00
I balance payable 45 (forty five) days before arrival

Tours 1-2 Days

Deposit for reservations: US $ 150.00
I balance payable 10 (ten) days before arrival.

Motorcycle Operation Requirements
Valid motorcycle license.
Over 23 years of age.
Credit Card to cover a US$1500 to US$2,500.00 deposit in case of damages.
  • At least two years of riding experience, handling motorcycles with characteristics similar to those offered by Moto Tour Panama.
  • An individual test drive could be asked before any rental.