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¡Welcome to Moto Tour Panama!

Welcome to Moto Tour Panamá.

We are the BMW's Official Partner in Panama, dedicated to program the best routes for motorcycle tours. While providing a cordial and professional service, we assure you enjoy the best roads and sites to get to know Panama. Moto Tour Panamá offers the lovers of the adventure and the motorcycles the only service in the country by means of the offer of three options that can be personalized to your taste, according to your route preferences and the attractions or regions that you'd like to visit, or based on your budget and available time.

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Our BMW Motorcycles, equipment and team are ready to offer the most exciting experience on exploring Panama in a different way. You will discover landscapes that will leave you breathless and explore incredible routes in company of friends and persons who share the same passion: to travel in motorcycle!

Panama: a Bikers Paradise

Panama is a paradise for the adventure in two wheels; with its 75.517 km², invites you to much more that just crossing a strip of land that divides two oceans - Pacific and Atlantic - and joins two continents - South America and Central America - but seduces you to travel in any season of the year, through roads in neat condition. The geography goes from the sea, to mountains and hills, passing through forests and jungles, where it is possible to enjoy a gentle diversity of terrains, climates and altitudes simultaneously, offering the most varied scenes of the world. This perfect scenario mixes with multiple cultures and inhabitants who enjoy the priviledge of living in a small, calm and secure country, with a stable democracy.

In addition, Panama has been favoured with a climate in which it is possible to ride all the year round. Not to mention Pnama offers a unique experience in the world: visiting the coasts of the Pacific Ocean and The Atlantic Ocean the same day, within hours.

Among many other famous sites to visiting in Panama we have:

· The cosmopolitan Panama City and its diverse attractions

· The Amador Causeway

· The Panama Canal

· The Barú Volcano and the high lands of Chiriqui

· The crystalline Caribbean islands of Bocas del Toro

· The rivers and virgin territories of the local etnies

· The sinuous hillsides of Antón's Valley

. The hundreds of isles and beaches of the Pacific and the Caribbean

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