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Our Equipment - Motorcycles

Our Equipments - Motorcycles

Moto Tour Panamá offers 4 different motorcycles sizes to get accommodated to your preference and particular taste. All of them are BMW GS (G650GS, F800GS, R1200GS and R1200GS ADVENTURE), which are motorcycles that have been designed for different and varied conditions, so much on and off road

About the GS:

It is perfect and comfortable to ride in highways, as well as mountains and out of route, since their powerful torque delivers sufficient confidence for any riding condition. All our BMW motorcycles features ABS brakes systems, which can be disconnected for use off road, lateral suitcases and basic protectors (Crash Bars, Hand Guards and Skid Plates). Our models go from the year 2012 until 2016 with maintenances and inspections done directly in the BMW Motorrad dealer's facilities in Panama.

For major comfort and safety of your trip, Moto Tour Panama offers accessories for rent, like jackets, hulls, GPS and GoPro cameras, so you can take the memories of your adventures with you forever.

Riding Gear Rental:

Helmet - US$ 15 for 1 day + US$ 5 for additional days
Jacket -  US$ 15 for 1 day + US$5 for additional days

Sizes from S to XXL in jackets and from S to XL in helmets. (sizes subject to availability) 

Other accesories for daily rent: 

GPS                       - US$ 20 plus  US$ 5 for aditional day.

GOPRO CAMERA - US$ 25 plus  US$ 5 for aditional day.


All our bikes include side cases and basic insurance with the following coverage:

1. injury to third party.
2. damage to public property .
3. collision.
4 fire.
5 robery.


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